Icones – Paintings, Drawings and Photographs of Fungi and Lichens

Botanische Staatssammlung München (M) Water Colours of Fungi by Konrad Schieferdecker
  Water Colours of Fungi by Fritz Wohlfarth
The Royal Library, Copenhagen Water Colours of Flora Danica Online
Instituto Spegazzini, La Plata Spegazzini's Drawings of Fungi
Julius Kühn-Institut, Berlin The Genus Fusarium – a Pictorial Atlas
National Botanic Garden of Belgium (BR) Icones Klopfensteinii
  Icones Marchalii
Hans-Otto Baral Images of Orbiliomycetes
Swedish Museum of Natural History (S) Elias Fries' Fungus Plates
The Hidden Forest Fungi of New Zealand
University of Arkansas Images of Myxomycetes